P90 Index

The simplest and most accurate performance benchmarking technique for all content marketers

How can we ensure that our social media content has good or outstanding performance ?

This is the most frequent question being asked to all content marketers. This question leads to the technique of how we measure our content performance. There are 2 favourite approaches to content performance benchmarking;

  1. Compared with the average of own content in the past.
    This technique is simple, easy, and does require only internal data. However due to its simplicity, marketers might get lost because they do not see the overall market movement.
  2. Compared with the competitors.
    This technique might get a bigger and clearer picture. But the biggest obstacle is that it requires a lot of external data and time consuming although there are no references to ensure the measurement is accurate.

In 2019, We at WISESIGHT collected most of the data and analysed it for all content marketers. In Thailand, social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, there were almost 850,000 contents published to those platforms by nearly 1,400 brands. When all contents were ranked by the sum of engagement (like, comment, share, retweet, love, interaction, view, all combined), we saw over 500,000 contents get under 100 total engagements. This is not a normal distribution but Right-Skewed Distribution. So the average or 50th percentile value does not represent good performance because it is still very low.

So we draw the 90th percentile line to separate the outstanding performance content from the rest. It is called “P90 index”.

We tested the P90 index with all major platforms across major industries. It shows different values which represent the competitiveness in each industry and platform.

For example, in the snack industry, the P90 index of Facebook in 2019 is 3,100 engagements. If we use the value to benchmark our published contents, it would easily show which contents are outstanding while the rest are not, without gathering all data from all of the competitors. We can apply this technique on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube with different P90 indexes.

P90 index is available in 4 platforms which are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube for30 industrieshere under:

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